Crypto Basics 101

Crypto Basics 101

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Crypto Basics 101
  • CB 101 Lesson 5: My top 10 Alt Coins ATM

    If I were to buy now (which I am not) , here are my current top 10 (Actually top 11) alt coins and why. If I were to buy now (which I am not) , here a re my current top 10 (Actually top 11) alt coins and why.


  • CB 101 Lesson 3 : Crypto Security

    -Hot Wallet VS Cold Wallet
    -Centralized VS Decentralized Exchanges
    -Update on current situation with CEXs shutting down
    -How and where to store your Crypto safely
    -How to ensure you don’t get scammed

  • CB 101 Lesson 2 : Crypto Cycle Explained

    What is the Bitcoin 4 Year Cycle
    -What is the Bitcoin Halving
    -How do price charts work
    -Crypto Cycle Explained
    -Market Psychology explained
    -Bear market , Bull market , Capitulation and Recalibration Explained
    -Investing Strategies for Bear, Bull and Neutral Markets and how to customize them t...

  • CB 101 Lesson 4: How to pick your Cryptos

    Learn the essential things you want to look for before choosing to invest in a cryptocurrency. Learn how to research efficiently and thoroughly. What to look for. What are the red flags.

  • CB 101 Lesson 6 : Investment Portfolio Strategies for Thriving

    We give examples of a bear market portfolio vs a bull market portfolio- pie charts of how much Blue chips vs alt coins vs stable coins vs X100 coins.

  • CB 101 Lesson 1: Crash Course in Crypto Basics

    What is Crypto Cyrrency
    What is Bitcoin
    What is Money?
    What is Defi?
    What is an crypto investor vs trader?

  • CB 101 Lesson 7 :The ETH Coins: Atl Coins Series

    As we continue our journey of creating our crypto portfolio, we will study different "set" of alt coins to keep an eye on.

    Here, we look at ETH coins.