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  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 7: Alt Coins ETH Series

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    In this vshort video, we explain the history of ETH , and the impact of the merger in September 2022, and what Cryptos which are in the ETH Environment may be impacted.

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 5: My top 10 Alt Coins

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    Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 5: My top 10 Alt Coins

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 6: Investment Portfolios

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    Learn how to manage your investment portfolios to minimize losses in a bear market and maximize gains in a bull market.

    This information is critical to thriving long term with your Crypto Portfolio.

    What you will learn:

    -The different categories of Crypto and what they mean to your portfoli...

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 4 : Picking Your Cryptos

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    Learn the essential things you want to look for before choosing to invest in a cryptocurrency.

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 3: Wallet Security

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    -Hot Wallet VS Cold Wallet
    -Centralized VS Decentralized Exchanges
    -Update on current situation with CEXs shutting down
    -How and where to store your Crypto safely
    -How to ensure you don’t get scammed

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 2: Crypto Cycle Explained

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    Crypto Basics: The Crypto Cycle Explained:

    -What is the Bitcoin 4 Year Cycle
    -What is the Bitcoin Halving
    -How do price charts work
    -Crypto Cycle Explained
    -Market Psychology explained
    -Bear market , Bull market , Capitulation and Recalibration Explained
    -Investing Strategies for Bear, Bull an...

  • Crypto Basics 101 Lesson 1 : Crash Course

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    Crypto Basics Crash Course:

    What is Bitcoin
    What is Cyrotocurrency
    What are Blue chips, alt coins, stable coins?
    What is Defi
    What are CEXs? DEXs
    What are Crypto Wallets and how to use them
    Why are crypto day traders / traders / investors
    Different ways to make money in crypt